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Come in weary traveler, pilgrim of the internet super
highway.  Stay a while be inspired and find peace.

 ​This is St. Expedit's Chapel, an internet sacred site and place of worship dedicated to our beloved patron saint and friend.  

          ( Pronunced: "ESS-PAH-DEE" or " EXPEDITUS in latin)       This is more than a website, it is a worshiping community of people from all around the world who have come to believe in the special power and protection of St. Expedit.
​We meet here to fellowship, learn, pray and share the miracles which have been graciously bestowed upon us.  We come here the broken, the confident, the questioning from every nation. faith covenant and way of life. 
For those who believe, no explanation is needed.

For those who do not, no explanation is possible. ​

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